Multiple Property Managers

Getting started

The first Property Manager to signup is referred to as the 'Principal' and is automatically added to a 'Default Organisation'.  Each Entity/Organisation has one Principal.  The Principal can add (via invite) other Property Managers and assign them to the properties they manage.  There is no additional charge for added Property Managers.  

You can easily change the Principal later, for example you may find that it is better to make the main office person the Principal if they will be managing users and assigning properties to Property Managers etc.

Add Properties

  1. Signup as Property Manager
  2. Add at least one property now, you can add more later.  It's a good idea to add a few now so you can see how everything works. Refer other KB articles on how to do this.
  3. Don't add any 'Events' or assign any Property Managers just yet, we will do that later.

Add Person

  1. Click the 'People & Entities' main tab on one of the properties.

  2. Alternatively click the 'People' link on the 'Properties List' page.

  3. Click 'Add Person' button.
  4. Select 'Property Manager' from the 'Role' dropdown.
  5. If you have not added an Entity just leave the 'Entity/Organisation' dropdown empty.  Alternatively you can select 'Default Organisation' if you think there will only be one Entity.

  6. Add name, phone and email address.  This name could be the main office person that will be in charge of assigning properties to Property Managers and managing the day to day activities for the Entity. 
  7. Tick the checkbox to add this person as the 'Principal' if appropriate.  There can only be one Principal for each Entity.  We recommend leaving this unchecked at this stage, you can change this later if needed.
  8. The newly added Property Manager will be auto-sent an onboarding email to YourHomeOurHome.  The only action they need to do is to click the link to accept the invite and select/add a password.
  9. You can repeat this process above as many times as needed to add additional Property Managers.  You can also add Property Managers later if preferred.

The next step is to add Entities that match the way you run your Property Management business.  As a guide an Entity should be created for each office or each region that is managed by an administrator/manager.

Add Entities

  1. Click the 'People & Entities' main tab on one of the properties.
  2. Click 'Add Entity' button.
  3. Select 'Property Management Entity in the 'Entity Role' dropdown.
  4. Give the Entity a name.  This will probably be the name of your business or it could be a branch or regional office e.g. 'Property Management Ltd - Southern Branch'. 
  5. Select the Principal User, this is the main person in charge of this entity, it could be you or it could be the main office admin person.  If you have not added any other users just select your own name, you can change it later. 
  6. Add their phone number and email address.

  7. Link any relevant properties to this Entity, you can do this later also.  Please note that this is associating the 'property' to the entity it is not associating a Property Manager, this will happen shortly.
  8. To view the people and the entities, click the 'Manage People' button on the 'Manage Entities' tab, refer 'Add Person section above for screenshots.
  9. You will be taken to a page that lists all the Property Managers and the Entity that they are associated with.

Assign Property Managers

Now that we have some properties, people and entities added the final step is to assign or link the Property Managers to the properties they are in charge of, this is done within each property.

  1. In the main carousel scroll to select a property that you want to add a Property Manager to.  Click the 'Edit Property' area to the right of the property name/address or alternatively, in the Property List page click the small edit icon on the upper right of the property icon/image.

  2. This will open the 'Property Details' page.  Click the 'Add Event' button on the middle right.
  3. In the 'Event Type' dropdown select 'Property Management Start' and choose the date that you want this record added to the database... normally just leave it to todays date.
  4. Select the Property Manager that you wish to associate/link to this property in the 'Who' dropdown.
  5. The 'Start Date' and 'End Date' is the period that you want the property Manager to manage the property for.  In most cases the 'End Date' can be left blank.  The 'End Date' is useful when adding a 'Agent for the landlord' for a fixed period e.g. when the Property Manager or Owner go on holiday.
  6. Save the form.  You will see that the 'Event' is added to the list at the bottom of the page.  This makes it easy to see when the Property Management contract started/ended.  
  7. Save the Property Details page and close it.  When the Property Manager logs into their YHOH App they will see all their assigned properties.
  8. Repeat this process for each property.

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