Release Notes

Version 1.0

We are excited to bring you this first release version of the Your Home Our Home platform.  It has been many years in the making and has involved thousands of hours of development and testing.

We are keen to receive any feedback from you about the platform, let us know what is really good and also any new features or refinements you would like.

There are a few areas outlined below that we are continuing to work on and test, we will have these completed as soon as possible:
  1. Tenancy agreement templates are not yet available.
  2. The ability to restrict forms completion to certain roles is still undergoing testing.
  3. Uploaded pdf documents are currently being blocked by some browsers when viewed within YHOH.
  4. The ability for contractors to edit existing quotes and estimates is currently being worked on.
  5. Shortly we will be including the ability for a contractor to upload a quote created outside YHOH.
  6. The 'What3Words' feature in Property Details is planned for the next major release.
  7. Flat functionality is undergoing more user testing, there may be some refinements required.
  8. We are developing a powerful search and filter feature that will enable Property Managers to quickly find a property when there may be 100's in the list.

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