Payment Reliability Score (PRS)

For Owners and Property Managers

The Payment Reliability Score is designed to provide you with a quick single number rating of the Tenant's reliability when making payments.  It makes it easy to review and contrast tenants from different properties, it also makes it easy to provide references to future Landlords.

The Payment Reliability Score is a score out of 100 (maximum reliability).

The equation we use to determine the Payment Reliability Score is:

                 Quantity of Payments on-time                   = PRS
Quantity of Payments made + Average Days Late           

We will continue to refine this based on feedback we get from users.

Things that decrease the PRS
  • Late payments (more payments that are late negatively impacts the score)
  • Extended late payments (more days late negatively impacts the score)
  • Partial payments (partial payments are treated as late payments until fully paid)
  • High number of on-time payments (a lower proportion of on-time payments impacts the score.

Note: It is important to ensure that any ongoing payments that are no longer used have an 'End Date' added to the Payment Profile.  The Payment Reliability Score stops monitoring a payment as soon as the End Date is reached.

It is our intention to over time make the PRS visible to Tenants so that they can see the impact of late payments on their own score.  We would provide you with the option of hiding this from Tenants.

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