Payments in Flats

For Flat Managers

Your Home Our Home provides an easy and effective way to manage all the payments for a flat.

Payment Principles

  • The Flat Manager can receive 'Money in' from flatmates/roommates.
  • The Flat Manager can make 'Money out' payments to the Landlord, Utilities companies and others.
  • Flatmates/Roommates make 'Money out' payments to the Flat Manager.
  • The Flat Manager can also be a flatmate/roommate, and can therefore make 'Money out' payments as part of this role.
  • The Flat Manager can switch roles between their 'Flat Manager' role and their 'Flatmate/Roommate' role.
  • When the Flat Manager marks a payment as received from a flatmate/roommate it will show in the flatmate/roommates App as being paid.  

Payments and Transactions

There are two main types of payment
  • One-off payments
  • On-going payments

Every payment is based on a single Payment Profile which details the regular amount, what it is for, who is paying it etc.  

Each payment profile will result in multiple 'Transactions'.  Every instance of a payment for a particular 'Payment Profile' is a 'transaction'.  

Payments - Flat Manager

  1. Click the 'Payments' tab on the main page.

  2. Click the 'All Payments' button.  This will show a list of 'Payment Profiles' for all Money In and Money Out payments.

  3. It will show both flatmate/roommate payments as well as Utility payments.  In the screenshot below you can see three Internet Payments.  There is one Money out payment which is the total payment that is paid by the Flat Manager to the Payee - Fibre Internet Inc.  You can see two Money In payments, one from Matt and the other from Max.  These are the payments by the two flatmates/roommates to the Flat Manager for their share of the Internet bill.

  4. Clicking on a Payment Profile will open it to view the Payment Profile details.

Transactions - Flat Manager

  1. To view the Transactions for a Payment Profile click on the 'All Transactions' button on the Payments Tab on the main page.
  2. This will present a page of payment transactions for the previous 30 days and the next 30 days.  These transactions include the key payment info for the transaction.

  3. To quickly mark a payment as 'Paid in-full on-time' just swipe left.

  4. To mark a payment as late or part paid or to edit it click on the payment to view the detailed list of transactions.  This will also show the full list of transactions from the very beginning.

  5. To edit a transaction click on the 'Edit' icon and complete the details in the popup as below, and then click 'Update'.

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