YHOH for Contractors - getting started

For Contractors

Your Home Our Home makes it easy to communicate with all your clients that have rental properties.  If they are using YHOH you will be able to easily manage work that you do for them all from the one App.

How you get jobs

Property Owners and Property Managers will add Repairs and Maintenance jobs to their Your Home Our Home platform.  They will invite one or contractors to submit estimates, quotes, or expressions of interest, or maybe just a request to 'Start Now.  

You will be sent an invite email to signup to Your Home Our Home (YHOH), there is no cost to contractors to use YHOH.  The invite email will look like the one below, to signup you need to click on the link at the bottom.

Keep in mind that you will need to signup once for each client.  This connects you to their system.  Make sure you use the same email address for all signups so that you can see all the jobs in the YHOH App.

Install the App

After signing up you will need to install the APP on your phone.  In most cases all you will need to manage your jobs will be within the App, large contracting companies may also need to use the web version of YHOH.

To install the App just click on the link on the email to install it from Google Play store or App Store.

Your First Job

When you get the invite to signup to YHOH you may also get another email for a job that the Owner or Property Manager wants you to do.  This email will look like the one below:

The email may ask you to submit a Quote, Estimate, Expression of Interest, or it may just ask you to 'Start Now'... i.e. you have been selected and they want the job done.

This same process will also be followed for all jobs in the future.

Your Jobs

When you login to the App you will see a list of the jobs.
To view more detail for each job just click on it.  

To submit a quote, estimate or expression of interest just swipe Left to indicate whether you are interested or to submit a quote or estimate.

To decline a job just swipe right and click the 'Thanks but No'.

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