How to set up an Inspection

Adding and carrying out an inspection is easy!  It can be setup in the web or the App but it is highly recommended that the actual inspection be carried out in the App.

Arranging the Inspection

  1. Start by setting an Inspection Date and Time.  Do this by clicking the 'Add Inspection' button on the main page Inspection tab for the property (Web / App). 
  2. Select the inspection Type and the Inspection Date and Time (note: the time can be set at the bottom of the calendar date picker).

  3. Save the details at this point.
  4. Once the date and time have been set you can then send an invite to the Tenant.   Click the 'Send Invite' button.

  5. After clicking the 'Send Invite' button you will be provided with the ability to add a comment to the email that is sent.  Just click 'Send Invite' again if there is no comment needed.
  7. The Tenant will receive an auto-email inviting them to the Inspection.  They will be able to Accept, Change, or Decline the invite.  

  8. If they click 'Accept' an auto-email will be sent to you advising them that it has been accepted.
  9. If they click 'Change' they will be able to propose another date and time and also add a note.
  10. When you receive the 'Change' you can also Accept, Change or Decline.  This process can continue until a date and time that is acceptable to both parties is accepted.  This is easy and streamlined.
  11. If they click 'Decline' a warning is presented that an Inspection must be carried out and if needed can be carried out in the Tenant's absence.  This is to discourage the use of the Decline option.
  12. Once both parties accept the Date and Time it is confirmed.  The status of the inspection will change to 'Accepted.  The full list of Statuses include:
    • Proposed
    • Invited
    • Accepted
    • Declined
    • Rescheduled
    • Late/abandoned (the date of the inspection has passed and it has not been completed)
    • Closed - compliant
    • Closed - non-compliances (a Re-Inspection is required)

Status History

  1. A detailed history of the inspection process is recorded in the 'Status History' section at the bottom of the 'Inspection List' page.  The events are sorted with the most recent event on the top.  This history can be valuable for any disputes etc.

  2. If needed you can also resend the Invite at any time.
  3. You will be notified via email when the Tenant has responded to your invite.

  4. ...
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