Recommended set up process

This is for  for Owners and Property Managers

Quick start - Add Property

  1. Signup for a subscription or free trial
  2. Login in and 'Click to add Property via main carousel

  3. Complete the fields on 'Property Info' tab (It's a good idea to add a 'New Event' also although this is optional)

  4. Add the rooms on the 'Rooms' tab, these are required for inspections to work (you can just add Room Type as minimum).
  5. Add a photo of the property on the 'Photos' tab (this is optional but recommended).
  6. All the other tabs are optional and can be added later if desired.
  7. Great work - you've just set-up your first property!  You can add others if you want or add a Tenancy as below.

Quick Start - Add Tenancy

  1. On the newly added property click the 'Add Tenancy' button on the image area on the carousel.

  2. Complete the main details for the tenancy on the 'Tenancy Details' tab.
  3. On the 'Tenants' tab you can add or invite the tenant.  If you invite the tenant they will get an email inviting them to signup to Your Home Our Home (this is totally free forever for tenants).  Alternatively you can click to 'Add New Tenant' and then send the invite at a later time if desired.
  4. You can create and add forms and documents now or later as needed.  Given that this is a Quick Start you can do this later.
  5. Congrats - now you have added the tenancy and added/invited the tenant.

What next

From here you can do a range of things but probably the best thing to do is to add payments such as Rent and any other payments related to the tenancy.

Many of the other areas can be added as you go.

If you have multiple properties, now would be a good time to add the other properties and tenancies.

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