Add Money In/Out - in the APP

For Owners and Property Managers

How to add a payment - APP

  1. In the selected property click the 'Money In/Out tile.
  2. Click 'All Payments' button.

  3. Click the FAB (Floating Action Button) at the bottom of the page, and then click 'Add Payment'.

  4.  Choose either the 'On-going Payment' or 'One-off Payment' tab at the very top of the page.

  5. Add the Payment Name for example 'Mary's Rent'.  Add any notes about the payment, these can be added later if preferred.
  6. Select the Payment Type, choose 'Other' if your preferred Type is not shown.

  7. Select the Frequency

  8. Select the 'Start Date'.  This is the date that the first payment is due.
  9. You can add a payment 'End Date' but in most cases this can be left empty.  The Payment End Date can be added later. It is a good idea to add an End Date when the payments are no longer due, as this will exclude the payment from the 'Payment Reliability Score'.

  10. Enter the 'Regular Amount' of the payment.
  11. The 'Total Amount' can be entered here but this will often be left empty for On-going payments.
  12. The 'Balance Owing' can also be added here.  In most cases this can be left empty.  This field is useful if for example the Tenant is in arrears and needs to repair an outstanding amount.  The outstanding amount can be entered here.
  13. Select whether this is an amount you are 'Paying' (Money out) or 'Receiving' (Money In).

  14. Select the 'Payer' or 'Payee' from the list provided.  If they are not listed, select 'Someone else' and you will be able to add the Payer or Payee to a separate field.  Note: If you you want to set up a 'Split Payment' that is divided across several people you can ignore this 'Select Payer/Payee' field as it will be sorted further below.

  15. Tick the 'Split Payment' checkbox if you want to create a payment that is spread across one or more people.  When you tick this the fields below will change to cater for the split payment.

  16. Enter the payment amount per person if it is a Split Payment.
  17. Select the Payers/Payees if it is a Split Payment.
  18. You can create a separate profile for each Payer by ticking the checkbox for 'Add separate payment profile for each payer'.
  19. An email of the Payment Profile will be auto-emailed to those you select in the 'Share With' field.  This will include the Bank account details to make it easy for them to set up online banking payments.  
  20. Use the 'Add Email' button to add one or more emails that you wish to share the payment info with.

  21. Bank account details can be added here, these will be sent with the Payer when the profile is 'Saved'.  Tip: when sharing with multiple people make sure your Narration includes a prompt for them to put in their unique details or name.  This way you can see the payments show for each person in your bank statement.

  22. Click 'Save' to create the Payment Profile.
  23. Once saved the following email will be sent to those you have chosen to 'Share with' above.

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