How Contractor Jobs Work


When designing the Your Home Our Home platform we realised that a significant part of managing a rental property involves a lot of interaction between Owners, Property Managers and Contractors.  We wanted to make this as easy as possible for all parties.

The Your Home Our Home App is free for all contractors to use.  The more Contractors that use it - the more Owners and Property Managers will use it.  As a Contractor there is no limit on the number of properties, jobs or quotes and estimates etc.

How it works - Overview

The key aspects of the Repairs and Maintenance functionality as it relates to Contractors is outlined below:

  1. An owner or property manager create a R&M issue in Your Home Our Home.
  2. They invite one or more Contractors to the YHOH platform.
  3. You will receive this as an email and can add you contact details and the key areas you operate in e.g. Building, Plumbing, Drain laying, Painting, Glazer etc.
  4. They will then generally send a request to one or more contractors for a Quote, Estimate, Expression of Interest. 
  5. You will receive these requests via email. 
  6. You can then login to the App and submit signed estimates and quotes directly in the App.  Alternatively, or in addition, you can upload a pdf quote/estimate from your own system.
  7. The owner or property manager will select the quote they want to go-with and you will be advised via email. 
  8. There is integrated chat within each R&M issue so if you need to seek more clarification you can have a quick chat with the Owner or Property Manager.
  9. The chat is also available to the Tenant which can be useful when trying to find dates and times that suit the Tenant for you to be on-site. 
  10. If you have previously done work for the same Owner/Property Manager they may by-pass the estimate/quote/expression of interest process and just click the 'Start Now' button.  This means that they have awarded the work to you and wish you start as soon as is convenient. 
  11. When carrying out the work you can add 'Work Notes' directly into the App that may be relevant to the work being done. 
  12. When the job has been completed the Owner/Property Manager will close the job and provide a rating.  The ratings are only available for their own use… unless you opt-in to making them available for other YHOH users.  (This feature is still being developed). 


Benefits for Contractors

A key benefit of being part of the YHOH platform is that it makes it very easy for Property Owners and Managers to select you to carry out work on their properties. 

When you open the App you can see all the jobs for the various Properties and various Owners and Property Managers all listed on the same page, we have made it a very streamlined process.

There is no cost to you or your business for being part of the YHOH platform.

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