Changing Flat Manager

For Flatmates/Roommates and Flat Managers

Occasionally it maybe necessary to change the Flat Manager that is managing the flat.  This could be for a range of reasons:
  • The current Flat Manager is leaving the flat, or may have already left the flat.
  • The Flat has a standard policy of periodically changing the Flat Manager
  • There is widespread dissatisfaction with the current Flat Manager from flatmates/roommates
  • Other reasons

There are two ways to change a Flat Manager
  • The Flat Manager can change the Flat Manager
  • Flatmates/Roommates can stage a coup

Flat Manager changes the Flat Manager

The recommended approach is for the Flat Manager to initiate the change of Flat Manager themselves.  This is a simple process of clicking the 'Change Flat Manager' tab on the main page and then clicking 'Change Flat Manager' and then choosing the new Flat Manager from the list of Flatmates/Roommates.

Flat Manager is changed via a Coup

Some flats may encounter the scenario where the current Flat Manager is not willing to resign as Flat Manager and refuses to change the Flat Manager.  Alternatively the current Flat Manager may have left and may not be willing or able to Change the Flat Manager.

In these situations a coup may be the best way to resolve the problem.  A coup is where there is unanimous support (of all flatmates/roommates excluding the current Flat Manager) for the Flat Manager role to be handed over to another flatmate/roommate.

How to stage a coup

  1. One of the flatmates/roommates who is not the current Flat Manager clicks on the 'Flat Manager' tab on the main page and selects 'Transfer flat by staging a coup'.

  2. It is important to read the process on the App for how to do it.
  3. When the button is clicked a confirmation will be presented as below.

  4. When the user clicks to 'Continue' an invite will be sent to all the flatmates/roommates (excluding the current Flat Manager) inviting them to support the coup... the forced transfer of the flat to themselves.
  5. If there is unanimous support by all flatmates/roommates the transfer will take place.  All of the permissions, payments info and functionality will be removed from the current Flat Manager and transferred to the new Flat Manager.
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