Subscriptions - Part 2

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Subscription Plan Lifecycle

The life cycle of the Trial and Paid subscriptions: 

  1. Sign-up
    1. When you signup we will send you an invite (via email).
    2. You can use your email and password in the web and also in the App.
  2. Trial Starts
    1. Your Trial period starts from the date your first property is added.
    2. You can continue to add properties throughout the trial period, there is no limit on the number of properties that can be added.
    3. All properties added will be assigned the same trial start date as the first property. 
  3. Trial Ends
    1. Prior to the date when the Trial period ends you will be emailed with some options.
    2. You can purchase a subscription for all of the properties that you set-up during the trial period.  If you have set-up, and want your subscription to cover more than 10-15 properties please choose the 'Unlimited' Plan if it will be a lower cost for you.
    3. You can purchase a subscription for less properties on your subscription than you had during the trial.  To do this you will need to 'Archive' the properties that you want to exclude from the subscription.  This can be done on the 'Property Details' page for each property. Note: If this quantity is more than 10-15 you should consider going for the 'Unlimited' Plan. 
  4. Paid Subscription Starts
    1. If your subscription is for less properties than you added during the Trial period, the properties that were added last will be auto-archived so that the number of active properties matches your subscription quantity.
    2. Your first subscription period starts on the date that your trial ends, regardless of whether payment is received.  This date will be known as your subscription renewal date.
    3. If you have opted for a monthly renewal the subscription date will occur on the same date every month.  This date may change slightly based on weekends, public holidays and shorter months. 
    4. If you have opted for an annual renewal the subscription renewal date will occur on the same date every year.  This date may change slightly based on weekends, public holidays and shorter months etc.  The date will be shifted to the next available business day (in NZ).
  5. During the Paid Subscription
    1. During the paid subscription period you may wish to add or remove properties to your subscription. This can be done via the 'Subscription Settings' page once you login to Your Home Our Home on the web.
    2. When properties are added the subscription cost will be pro-rata added based on the number of days from your subscription renewal date.  This will mean that the cost of the property may be less for the first period.  The aim is that all properties that are added will be adjusted to have the same renewal date as your subscription renewal date. 
    3. Properties that are added do not receive a free trial period.  The Free Trial period is for the Your Home Our Home platform not for each property.


Removing/Archiving Properties

Occasionally you may want to remove one or more properties or replace properties that have been sold.   Please note: while we use the term 'remove' no properties are actually removed, they are instead just archived or hidden.   This makes it possible to reinstate a property at any time.  The process for removing a property is as below.

  1. Start by archiving the property that you no longer want to manage or pay for as part of the Your Home Our Home subscription.  To 'Archive' a property click on the 'Archive this Property' on the bottom of the 'Property Details' page in the Your Home Our Home website.    You will need to accept the confirmation.
  2. Once Archived - the property will not be editable and no more tenancies will be able to be added to the property.  You will still be able to view the property and the tenancies but no changes will be possible.
  3. The Subscription settings will show an increase in the number of 'Available Property Licences'. 
  4. Refunds are not made for the unused portion of a property subscription if the renewal is 'Monthly'. 
  5. Refunds will be made for unused properties on an annual subscription, on request.  The Refund will be based on the number of full months remaining until the subscription renewal date


Replacing Properties

For many owners and property managers the more common action will be to 'Replace' one property that has been sold, for example, with another property that has been recently purchased.  In this scenario the same process would be used as for removing/archiving a property.

Subscription Scenarios


  1. Q. If I signup and then go on to directly purchase a paid plan - how does that work?

A. If you go directly from signup to plan purchase (without doing the trial) we will add the duration of the trial period onto your subscription.  For example, if the trial period was for 30 days the subscription would be extended from one month to two months for a monthly plan.  For an annual plan it would be extended from 12 months to 13 months.


  1. Q. What if I use some of the trial period but not all of it? 

A. If you only use part of the trial period we will add the days that you don’t use onto your subscription for the first month, or year. 


  1. Q. Do I get a trial period if I login again several months after the trial has ended?

A. No, we only allow one trial period per user.


  1. Q. What if I want to cancel my subscription?

A. Here's the how we handle cancellations - this is the email we send out.

We're sorry to hear that you wish to cancel your subscription. 

Please send us an email from the email that is associated with the YHOH account you wish to cancel.  Suggested wording: "I wish to cancel the Your Home Our Home subscription for this email address… insert your email address, and include your first and last name and a contact number".

The applied cancellation date will be the last day of the month in which we receive your cancellation request.  We will refund you for any subsequent full months that you have paid in advance.

Thank you for your business, we appreciate the time you have been with us.

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