Subscriptions - Part 1

For Tenants, Contractors, Flat Managers, and Flatmates/Roommates.

Free Plan

YHOH has free plans available for: Tenants, Contractors, Flat Managers, and Flatmates/Roommates.

What you can do on the Free Plan:

  1. Continue to use it as long as you need at no charge, there is no time limit.
  2. This Free Plan is not a trial it is a fully free license for the above roles.
  3. Use this plan for all activities related to your role as a Tenant, Contractor or Flat Manager, Flatmate/Roommate.
  4. Utilise the extensive functionality for the roles above via the Your Home Our Home App.


What you cannot do on the Free Plan:

  1. You cannot use the functionality that relates to a role of Owner or Property Manager.  This includes Landlord also.
  2. You cannot access many of the features and functionality that are only available for these user roles. 
  3. In most cases there is only limited functionality available on the Your Home Our Home website.  Most of the functionality for the Free Plan is only available in the Your Home Our Home App.  Contractors have more functionality available on the website to manage their jobs.


Multiple Plans

Q. Can I use the Free Plan and another Plan e.g. Core or Plus or Unlimited?

A. Yes this is possible.  You can have a maximum of two plans active at any one time.  One of these plans must be the Free Plan.  If you sign-up to Your Home Our Home as a Tenant, Contractor, Flat Manager, Flatmate/Roommate you will be automatically assigned a Free Plan.  You will retain this as long as you have one of the roles for the Free Plan.

Q. How does it work?

A. When you login to the App for example you will need to select one of the roles for your YHOH session.  If you choose one of the roles associated with a free plan: i.e. Tenants, Contractors, Flat Managers, and Flatmates/Roommates then you will be utilising the Free Plan.  You do not need to do anything to maintain your Free Plan… we take care of that in the background.

A. When you login as an Owner or Property Manager you will be associated with your other paid plan i.e. Core, Plus or Unlimited.  These plans are subject to the trial periods and where relevant property numbers.

Q. Can I have some properties on the Core Plan and some on the Plus Plan?

A. No, all the properties will need to be on the same plan.

Free Trial Plans

In addition to the Free Plan for specified roles there are Free Trial Plans available for each of the Paid Plans (refer below). 

The Trial Plans are for 30 days.

We will not take your credit card details until near the end of your trial.  There is no charge if you wish to stop your subscription prior to the end of the trial period.

Paid Plans

There are three paid plans: Core, Plus and Unlimited.

The Paid Plans require either a monthly or annual payment that is paid in advance.  The annual payment option is slightly lower cost than the monthly payment option due in part to the reduced transaction related costs etc. 

Payment Methods

Initially the only payment method is via credit card.  Please contact us if you would like to pay via online banking - we may be able to accommodate this in some circumstances.

Recurring Payments

Your Home Our Home works on a subscription model which means that there are ongoing low payments as opposed to one-off high costs.  Subscriptions are set to 'Auto-Renew' each month or year depending on the subscription option selected. 

Prior to your card being charged you will be given advance notice of the upcoming renewal, how much the renewal will be and when it is due.  At any time up to 24 hours prior to the renewal date you can provide us with an emailed request to cancel the subscription.

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