Forms & Docs - Need to know

For: Owners, Property Managers


  • In YHOH a document is a pdf or digital document.  It contains one to many pages.  A document does not have any sections that are completed by the user.  There are no fields etc, it is purely for reading and referring to.  There is only one instance of a Document (although there may be more than one version as the document is edited and updated).

  • In YHOH a form can be a pdf or digital form.  A form is designed to be completed or filled in by the user… it has one or more fields.  A single form may have multiple instances for each time it is completed.  Once a Form has been completed it becomes a 'Form Record' or 'Form Instance'.

Imported Forms and Documents: 
  • An imported form or document is a pdf that has been uploaded to YHOH. 
  • Linked Forms and Documents: A linked form or document is a link to a document of form on another site or for download.

Built Forms and Documents: 
  • These are forms and documents that have been custom-built within YHOH using drag-n-drop fields and clauses. 

Choosing the type of Form or Document

Here are some of the things you need to think about when building forms and documents.

  1. Do you want a Document or a Form?  If you want to impart knowledge TO someone then a document is probably what you need.  If you want to obtain information FROM someone then you probably need a Form.
  2. Do you want a Document with Form fields?  Yes - that is possible also.  To create this you would create a form and add document 'Clauses' to the form and then insert form fields where needed.
  3. Do you want to use a form that has already been made by someone else?  If you do then you can just import it into YHOH.  Although you will not be able to change it etc.  The user will need to complete it outside YHOH.
  4. If you want to be able to capture the completed forms in YHOH and also want to be able to customise the form fields etc then you should build your own form in YHOH.

Create your Tenancy Contracts in YHOH

We are in the process of creating a range of Tenancy Contract template forms that you can use as a starting point for your own Tenancy Contract forms.  Tenancy Contracts tend to have a lot of text/clauses and just a few fields for capturing the Tenant and Landlord details and signature etc.   This is fine and will work fine as a form in YHOH. 

You can also create your own variations of Tenancy Contract to cater for specific properties or tenancy scenarios. 

Of course you can get the forms checked by your lawyers as required.  We will be using the Tenancy Services sample contracts as a starting point for our clauses.  We will also provide notes on any areas that we have changed so that you know the main areas to check.

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