R&M - Add/Edit

For: Owners, Property Managers

 To Add an R&M Issue

  1. Click Properties in the left menu. 
  2. Scroll the carousel to locate the property you wish to add or edit the Inspection.  Alternatively locate the property on the Property List page.  Apply filters at the top of the page if there is a large number of properties.
  3. Check that the correct tenancy is selected.  Use the left/right arrows on the blue tenancy band to select the Tenancy that you wish to edit.
  4. Click the 'Repairs & Maintenance' tab in the Tabs area

  5. Click 'Add New R&M' to add an Repairs & Maintenance issue.
  6. Refer 'R&M - Field Descriptions' for more details for each field.


To Edit an R&M Issue

  1. Click 'View R&M Issues' to open and edit a previously created R&M Issue.


How to Invite a Contractor to an R&M


In the web:

  1. Open/Edit the R&M issue, go to the 'Contractor' tab.
  2. For existing Contractors you can select an 'Action Request' that will be sent to the Contractor as an email.
  3. To invite a new Contractor click on one of the buttons at the bottom of this page for 'Add New Contractor' or 'Invite New Contractor' (this option only requires an email).

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