Schedules - Add/Edit - Web

For Tenants, Owners and Property Managers

To Add a Schedule - Web

  1. Click Properties in the left menu. 
  2. Scroll the carousel to locate the property you wish to add or edit the Schedule.  Alternatively locate the property on the Property List page.  Apply filters at the top of the page if there is a large number of properties.
  3. Check that the correct tenancy is selected.  Use the left/right arrows on the blue tenancy band to select the Tenancy that you wish to edit.
  4. Click the 'Schedules' tab on the main page.

  5. Start on the 'General Info' Tab

  6. Click 'Add Schedule' button to add a new Schedule.

  7. Tenancy: This field enables you to select what Tenancy the Schedule if for.  For example there may be some schedules that apply to new tenancies that have not started yet.  This list of tenancies will only include tenancies for the currently open property.
  8. Schedule Name: This is the name of the Schedule that will be shown in the various Schedule lists.
  9. Type: This is the 'Type' of Schedule.  If you select 'Appointment' you will be required to enter a date and time for the Schedule.  Use the 'Task' Schedule type when adding schedules for tasks e.g. Mow lawns, or Check Smoke Alarms,
  10. Frequency: This field enables you to set whether the Schedule is a one-off instance or an ongoing Schedule.
  11. Start Date: This is the date on which the first instance of the Schedule occurs. 
  12. End Date: This is the date of the last Schedule instance.  If you do not get this date exact the Schedule will end either on the End Date or the last date prior where the Schedule would normally occur.
  13. Reminder (Days Before): This enables you to set to be reminded 1 or more days prior to the Schedule being due.  You will get a notification in the App or via email.
  14. Description: You can add more details about the Schedule here. 

Share Schedule

This page enables you to share the Schedule with others.

  1. You can invite as many people as desired to the Schedule that are associated with the Tenancy. To do this just click the 'Invite / Re-invite' button.

  2. The person will only be shown as 'Assigned' when they accept the Schedule Invite.  See 'click here>>>' link at bottom of the email that is sent.   When they have accepted the invite the 'Invite Status' column will show 'Accepted'.

  3. To enable a user to mark the schedule as done place a tick in the column 'Can mark as done'.

  4. To add yourself to the Schedule (as an observer only) place a tick in the checkbox at the top right for 'Add to my own schedule'.   When ticked the Schedule will be added to your own Scheduled items even if someone else is assigned to do the Scheduled item.  This can be useful for Landlords that may need to follow up when a Scheduled item is done, this will provide them with the information required for Date and Time.   Note: Observers 

Schedule Instances

The Schedule Instances page lists all the instances for the next few months.  The Status of any scheduled instance can be updated on this page and notes can also be added.


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