Tenancies - Field Descriptions

For: Owners, Property Managers

This provides a brief overview to the main fields in the Tenancy Details section in the Right Side Panel.  There are four main tabs:

  • Tenancy Details: This includes info about the tenancy start and end dates, the type of tenancy it is and the amount and frequency of rent payments.
  • Tenants: This includes information about the tenants
  • Forms: These are forms that have been assigned or completed or may need to be completed at some stage, these relate to the tenancy.
  • Documents: These are documents that are or may be relevant for the tenancy.

Tenancy Details Tab

 This tab and the tenancy tab should both be completed when a new tenancy is added. 

  1. Tenancy Name: The info you put in this field will be displayed on the carousel on the main page.  In most cases it is best to put the name of the tenants, You can put a husband and wife or the head tenant or any other name combination that you want.  This just provides a quick way for you to know what tenancy it is.
  2. Tenancy Type: This field enables you to set whether the tenancy is for a 'Room' in the property or whether it is a 'Standard' tenancy for the entire property.  Apartment tenancies should be set up as a separate 'property' so that you can manage repairs, inspections etc all separately.
  3. Tenancy Contract Type: This enables you to select whether the tenancy contract is Periodic i.e. ongoing, or Fixed-term.  Note: In New Zealand most tenancies are Periodic.
  4. Tenancy Start/End Dates: The Start Date is a required field but the End Date is optional or should be left empty for most periodic tenancies.  Note that there is also the option to specify a 'Move-in' or 'Move-out' date that can be different to the Tenancy Start/End dates. 
  5. Allow to Sublet: This is default set at 'Allow' based on New Zealand legislation, however there are additional requirements for both the Landlord and Tenants that need to be met.
  6. Rent Amount: This is the amount of Rent that is to be paid for each rental period - as selected in the 'Rent Frequency' field.  Even though this is specified here a separate payment profile should be setup for Rent and Bond etc.
  7. Rent Frequency: This field sets the frequency the 'Rent Amount' is to be paid. 
  8. Bond Amount: This is the amount of Bond that has been set for the property.
  9. Bond Number: This is the official number for the tenancy that is obtained from Tenancy Services, it is also the Bond Number. 
  10. Suburb: This is an optional field.
  11. Occupants Info: This field enables you to put the names or details of other occupants of the property.  This could be used for putting the spouse's or children's names. 
  12. Current Tenancy: This checkbox enables you to select which tenancy is the 'Current' or active tenancy.  There can only be one 'Current' tenancy at any one time.  This caters for the scenario where you may wish to add a new tenancy to a property while the existing tenants are still in the property.  This will often happen when the current tenants are due to leave soon and when you have already identified and signed up the new tenants that are going to move in when the current tenant leaves.  

Tenants Tab

This tab is used to get the details of the tenant/s.  In most cases there would only be one person here - the head Tenant, but we have catered for additional co-tenants to be added if needed.  

One Tenant should be identified as the head tenant using the checkbox at the bottom of the page. 

Clicking the [Invite New Tenant via Email] button will send an email to the tenant inviting them to the tenancy.  Tenant access to Your Home Our Home is free for life.

If you prefer not to send the invite immediately you can click the [Add New Tenant] button on the upper right to add a tenant without sending an invite.  If you choose this option you can still send an email invite later.  

Add partners and children in the 'Occupants Info' area on the 'Tenancy Details' Tab. 

Forms Tab

The Forms Tab enables you to import forms or custom build your own forms for the tenancy.  Please refer to the separate knowledge base article on how to create and use Forms.

Documents Tab

The Documents Tab enables you to import or custom build documents for the tenancy.  Please refer to the separate knowledge base article on how to create and use Documents.

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