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Right Side Panel - Property Details

This provides a brief overview to the main fields in the Property Details section in the Right Side Panel.




This tab is the main one to complete when you add a property.  Many of the fields on the other tabs are optional and less important. 


  1. Property Name/Address: This field is displayed on the main property Carousel in the blue band.  If the property has a title e.g. 'Woodlands Estate' you could insert that here.  However, in most cases people just insert the street address - and city if needed.  
  2. Room: Use this field if there are likely to be tenancies on a room-by-room bases.  If this is the case, each Room should have a separate 'Property', this is so that a separate tenancy can be created for each room.  Insert the Room name or some way to identify the room compared with other rooms in the house e.g. North west room, or Green room with sliding door etc.
  3. Apartment: This field has a similar purpose to 'Room' field but it enables you to describe an apartment e.g. if there are multiple apartments or dwellings on the same property.
  4. Property Type:  This describes the type of building it is.  For a stand-alone house on a section choose 'Residential Detached - standalone dwelling'
  5. Owner: Insert the name of the owner.
  6. Ownership Type: Use this to insert the name of the Trust or Company if applicable, otherwise you could just insert 'Privately Owned'. 
  7. Street: Even if you inserted the address in the Property Name we recommend re-entering it here.  This enables us to generate reports etc and insert this field as the street address.  Insert the street number and street name here.  To make the street different from the Property Name uncheck the tick box shown below.

  8. Property ID: This field is provided by Tenancy Services and is used in correspondence with Tenancy Services when discussing the property. For example this number is required on the Bond Lodgement form.
  9. The other fields on this tab are self-explanatory and also optional.  Some owners and property managers will want to record the additional data in these fields.  For example including the floor area makes it easier when getting quotes for underfloor insulation - all the info is there in case it is needed.  The 'Year Built' field makes it easier when taking out insurance, they will ask you this question.  The 'Date Purchased' helps when working out the Bright-line Test.
  10. Property History: This section is used for keeping track of the changes in administration of the property.  It is designed to record who the current Landlord is, when they were appointed.  It also can track when a temporary agent for the Landlord is appointed. This information is often required for compliance purposes.




All of the fields on this tab are fully optional.  We have included them for those owners and property managers that want to store detailed information about the property.  


Most of the fields are self-explanatory.  Let us know if you think we need to include any additional options in any of the pick-lists.  You may need to select multiple items in a pick-list, that is fine.


Over time we will add more reports and views to utilise the info in these fields.




The Rooms tab usually has many sub-tabs to enable you to describe each room in the property.  This is useful for those with large property portfolios - it makes it easier to keep track of the features for every property.  It also helps when tenanting a property - you will have all the information in a single place. 

IMPORTANT: You must add rooms in order to carry out property inspections.


To add a tab for a room in the property click the [Add New Room] button on the top right. 


Most of the fields in this 'Rooms' tab are self-explanatory, and are also optional.


You could use the photo feature to capture the condition of the rooms prior to the first tenant moving in.   These photos are saved against the property not against the tenancy.  It is recommended that an 'Initial Inspection' is done with the tenant on the day they move in to get the status of everything; this is where you should add photos of any existing wear and tear etc.




The fields on this tab are optional also. These will be useful for those with a large property portfolio to keep track of the utilities for each product.


Most of the fields in this 'Rooms' tab are self-explanatory, and are also optional.




The fields on this tab are optional also.. These will be useful for those with a large property portfolio who may need this information for Repairs and Maintenance and for advertising for new tenants etc.


Most of the fields in this 'Rooms' tab are self-explanatory, and are also optional.




The fields here are optional.  In a future version we will enable you to send contractors and others the gps location to the property. 


The 'What Three Words' functionality will also be integrated in a future version.  This will enable you to provide very precise location information to Contractors needing to carry out work on parts of the section.  You can learn about this here




This tab enables you to summarise the nearby amenities in the community and neighbourhood that could be beneficial for tenants.   This information can be useful when tenanting the property.


To add an amenity click the 'Add New Amenity' button on the upper right.  You can give it a title of your choice and also indicate how close it is to the property by entering the km.




You can multiple photos on this page.  You can add photos for anything from help with tenanting the property to capturing the pre-tenancy condition, to taking photos of product instructions in case they get lost by a tenant etc.




Insurance is a very important part of any property.  It can be hard to keep track of insurances, policies and renewal dates etc.  The fields on this page will help you keep track.


To add an insurance policy click the 'Add New Insurance' at the upper right.


The fields are self-explanatory and optional.


You can also set reminders to notify you prior to the renewal date, just select the number of days prior when you want the reminder.

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